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  • Steam Workshop for Colour Bind is Now Available!


    Puppy Punch Productions and developer Finn Morgan’s new PC release, Colour Bind, is the latest addition to Steam Workshop. Colour Bind’s mind bending use of coloured gravity is now in the hands of their users to explore and create their own puzzles.

    “One of my goals with Colour Bind was to fully explore the space of puzzles the game could have,” said Finn Morgan, creator of Colour Bind. “I included the level editor in the game partly because I’m looking forward to players showing me all the possibilities that I didn’t think of.”

    Colour Bind is a platformer at heart that employs switches, lasers, geometrical objects, and a bouncy two-wheeled vehicle to manipulate gravity and reach your goal. The in-game level editor gives the user complete control to create, size, place, and colour these world objects to design their very own brain busting puzzle. Users can then upload their level to Steam Workshop and discover other user-created puzzles. Steam Workshop gives the Colour Bind community the ability to keep track of their favorite puzzle designers, create collections of their top levels, and even share those collections with friends.

    With 50 singe player levels, 20 co-op levels, and 29 devilishly hard achievements already included in the game, Steam Workshop brings an ever-growing selection of new challenges.

  • Colour Bind Released for PC on Steam and Amazon

    capsule_main (1)

    Imagine a world where Newton’s Laws of Gravity are connected to Picasso’s Laws of Colour. In Finn Morgan’s devilish spin on the traditional physics-platform genre, the colour of objects is tied to the push and pull of gravity. You must manipluate switches and break through obstacles in ways that will make you question whether what goes up must, indeed, come down.

    To see what we mean, check out the launch video on Youtube or download it from the Colour Bind site .

    “Colour Bind” is now available on Steam and through Amazon for $9.99.

    As an added bonus for puzzle players, Puppy Punch Productions is also announcing a contest with real trophies – not just Steam badges.

    Be the first to complete all the game levels! Beat the secret levels in record time! Design a level and have it judged by “Colour Bind” designer, Finn Morgan, himself! And more!

    Details are available at

  • Colour Bind… coming to Steam on PC & Mac soon!


    Hey all! We finally have more Colour Bind news for you. No date yet, but we’ve been approved by Steam and will be coming out soon for PC & Mac. A Linux version is also on it’s way, but might show up after the initial release. We’ll have more info on a beta/demo, a new site dedicated to the game, and more very very soon. For now, here’s our new description:

    Colour Bind is a physics platform-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not by mass, but by colour. Navigate this unique world by manipulating colour and gravity to solve each level. Beating each unique puzzle in Colour Bind will take patience, intelligence, quick reflexes and sometimes even a helping hand from a friend.


    A TRUE CHALLENGE: Over 50 unique puzzles with multiple solutions will keep you platforming for a long time. This game is hard. Early-90′s hard. Don’t be afraid to step back and think.

    COLOUR-BASED PHYSICS: Change your colour and manipulate each level’s gravity to solve every puzzle. Primary colours have different gravities applied to them, and when combined form a secondary colour that takes the vector sum of that gravity.

    A WORLD OF SECRETS: Take your time to explore every level. There’s a world of hidden solutions, distractions, and more to discover. Can you unlock every achievement?

    PROCEDURAL MUSIC: Colour doesn’t only control your physical experience, but your aural as well. Each colour has a different music track, and combining and changing your colour will mix these tracks on the fly to transform your auditory experience.

    PLAY WITH A FRIEND: 20 local co-op levels that take not only two hands, but two minds to defeat. It will take impeccable timing and skill to reach the end. The ultimate challenge for the ambidextrous gamer.

    CREATE YOUR OWN LEVELS: ColourBind’s challenge doesn’t stop once you’ve beaten every level. Download new levels through Steam Workshop or create your own with ColourBind’s fully featured level editor for a never-ending experience!

    LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Compete with your friends online to get the fastest times per level! Can you find the fastest alternate solutions and jump to the top of the leaderboards?

  • A Game With Balls Makes Its Triumphant Return to Apple’s App Store… with New Content!


    We’ve wrapped up all the paperwork, and so A Game with BALLS has finally returned to the Apple App Store, this time under the Puppy Punch Productions name! It returns in style with a bunch of new content: powerups, a new game mode, new cannons, a store, and even gameplay optimization!

    You can check our latest gameplay trailer here.

    If you’ve purchased A Game With Balls before on the Apple App Store, send us your iTunes receipt at and we’ll send you a code for the new version! For everyone who has already done so, you should be getting your copy by the end of the week.

    Thanks for your support and we hope you guys enjoy the new update! It’s pretty awesome!

  • The First Big Update for a ‘game with BALLS’ is Now live on the Android Marketplace!

    For the Website

    Update 2.4 is finally up on the Android Market! We’ve added a bunch of great new content. We’ve added a new game mode, Arcade, where you can use power-ups and unique cannons to improve your scores. Power-ups fall from the sky every so often in Arcade mode, but since we’ve also added a new shop you can purchase them before hand and use them from the very moment you start up a new game. And of course, everything in the shop can be purchased with those balls you’ve been saving up. Heck, we’ve even added the option for you to buy more balls if you want to!

    We’re really excited that its finally out and we hope everyone enjoys it!

  • Chicken Coup Remix HD now Available for both iOS & Android


    Are you ready to save some chickens?

    Chicken Coup Remix HD is finally here! Get it in both the Android Market and the App Store.

    About our latest adventure, Chicken Coup Remix:

    Sound the alarm! The chickens have escaped! A sly fox unlocked the coop while you were asleep and now they’re ready to dine! Get your chickens back into their coops before its too late.

    Simple Sorting Gameplay with a Twist

    • CHICKENS aren’t the only things you can grab! Make foxes drop your chickens by dragging them into the barn!
    • Create CHICKEN CHAINS by sliding your finger across like colored chickens. Drag them back home for massive score multipliers!
    • Build up your CHICKEN POWER by dragging individual chickens or Chicken Chains to their coops. This score multiplier will make the next chicken you save worth that many more points!
    • If things get too hectic unleash a powerful CHICKEN BOMB to clear the screen!

    Tons of Re-playability

    • Fight to get the highest scores on the Leaderboards. Can you get all the platinum stars?
    • Collect a variety of awesome Achievements! Can you become the ‘Chicken Messiah’!?
    • New levels and more content coming soon!

    You can also follow us on Facebook and try out the Facebook Version of our game, too!

  • Chickens Ahoy! Chicken Coup Remix Coming Soon!


    They’ve escaped! There are chickens all around ye because those landlubbin’ foxes have let them loose, trying to score a wee’ little snack. But they should beware, because your fast moving fingers will save your chickens from becoming tasty morsels!

    Our new game Chicken Coup Remix will be coming soon for the iOS and Android. Below is our awesome trailer, something for you to snack upon while you wait! We’ll update here as soon as it goes live!

  • steamFUNKED is here! Download it Today!


    Everyone get out your phone, go to your favorite app store, and prepare to hit the update button! Our first new level, steamFUNKED, is now available. Can you survive as a flurry of small balls fly in like leaves blowing in the wind or as the all seeing eye slips onto the screen right before you? Find out today!

  • AGWB Crash Lands into Gamespot’s Top Android Games of the Week


    Gamespot has joined the A Game With BALLS fan club, listing us as one of their top choices for the week. Check out their awesome little write-up here. Don’t forget to tell your friends, too!

  • Amazon App Store’s a game with BALLS updated!


    We LOVE the Amazon version of a game with BALLS, too! We’ve added all the same changes found in the iOS update, such as the UI changes, squashed the few bugs that dared rear their ugly heads at us, and added some Android specific changes like the addition of a real exit! Users can download the new version here on Amazon’s website. Enjoy =)