We're looking for you!

We are looking for people who love games and want to work in a startup atmosphere in downtown Gainesville. If you interested in working with us, email us at and let us know why you would be a good fit at Puppy Punch.

Marketing Intern

-Develop and implement marketing strategies
-Create and run ad campaigns for various media

Public Relations Intern

-Work with online and print media to promote our games.
-Keep public informed through blog posts and press releases.

Social Media Intern

-Reaching out through twitter, facebook, etc
-Develop and implement strategies to build online community involvement

Business Development Intern

-Reach out and manage business relations around the world
-Help find new distribution channels for our games

Programing Intern:

-Work in the Unity engine to create awesome games

2D or 3D Art Intern

-Design and create assets for games

Production Intern

-Help manage development teams and work with offsite contractors to keep projects on track.
-Have both an artistic eye and technical skills that allow you to make design and production decisions.