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  • Colour Bind Released for PC on Steam and Amazon

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    Imagine a world where Newton’s Laws of Gravity are connected to Picasso’s Laws of Colour. In Finn Morgan’s devilish spin on the traditional physics-platform genre, the colour of objects is tied to the push and pull of gravity. You must manipluate switches and break through obstacles in ways that will make you question whether what goes up must, indeed, come down.

    To see what we mean, check out the launch video on Youtube or download it from the Colour Bind site .

    “Colour Bind” is now available on Steam and through Amazon for $9.99.

    As an added bonus for puzzle players, Puppy Punch Productions is also announcing a contest with real trophies – not just Steam badges.

    Be the first to complete all the game levels! Beat the secret levels in record time! Design a level and have it judged by “Colour Bind” designer, Finn Morgan, himself! And more!

    Details are available at

  • Colour Bind… coming to Steam on PC & Mac soon!


    Hey all! We finally have more Colour Bind news for you. No date yet, but we’ve been approved by Steam and will be coming out soon for PC & Mac. A Linux version is also on it’s way, but might show up after the initial release. We’ll have more info on a beta/demo, a new site dedicated to the game, and more very very soon. For now, here’s our new description:

    Colour Bind is a physics platform-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not by mass, but by colour. Navigate this unique world by manipulating colour and gravity to solve each level. Beating each unique puzzle in Colour Bind will take patience, intelligence, quick reflexes and sometimes even a helping hand from a friend.


    A TRUE CHALLENGE: Over 50 unique puzzles with multiple solutions will keep you platforming for a long time. This game is hard. Early-90′s hard. Don’t be afraid to step back and think.

    COLOUR-BASED PHYSICS: Change your colour and manipulate each level’s gravity to solve every puzzle. Primary colours have different gravities applied to them, and when combined form a secondary colour that takes the vector sum of that gravity.

    A WORLD OF SECRETS: Take your time to explore every level. There’s a world of hidden solutions, distractions, and more to discover. Can you unlock every achievement?

    PROCEDURAL MUSIC: Colour doesn’t only control your physical experience, but your aural as well. Each colour has a different music track, and combining and changing your colour will mix these tracks on the fly to transform your auditory experience.

    PLAY WITH A FRIEND: 20 local co-op levels that take not only two hands, but two minds to defeat. It will take impeccable timing and skill to reach the end. The ultimate challenge for the ambidextrous gamer.

    CREATE YOUR OWN LEVELS: ColourBind’s challenge doesn’t stop once you’ve beaten every level. Download new levels through Steam Workshop or create your own with ColourBind’s fully featured level editor for a never-ending experience!

    LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Compete with your friends online to get the fastest times per level! Can you find the fastest alternate solutions and jump to the top of the leaderboards?

  • Colour is finally announced… (again!)

    Hi all! Welcome to the first post of the ColourBind blog. ColourBind is a game I’ve been working on for a couple of years, with the finishing polish being applied right about now.

    So what is it? In short, it’s a physics platformer puzzle game. Games of that genre are known for having twists in them, and ColourBind is no exception. You see, not everything falls down in ColourBind. Each level has a different set of ‘gravities’, because gravity is different for each primary colour. This means that perhaps green objects behave normally, falling downwards as one might expect, but red objects could fall to the ceiling, and blue objects fall over to the side. So the object of the game is the rather conventional-sounding ‘drive your car to the goal of each level’, but the process of overcoming the obstacles between you area bitand your goal

    Anyway, I’ll be updating here with more game details, maybe some info about the technology the game uses or the principles I tried to make use of designing the game or the puzzles, and of course news about the game such as when it has a launch date. In the meantime, if you’ve somehow made your way to this website prior to GDC Play 2012, you can come and see or play the game there (or just hang out). Otherwise, if you’re after more information about the game, this is the space to watch.