About Us

What? A picture’s not enough?

Heya, Puppy Punch here. We want you to know a few things about us: we are working hard on *removed for breach of NDA*, *retracted*, and *retracted*. Oh crap. Just kidding, nothing we’re working on is THAT scary.

Well, we can say we are a group of rad (that words still ‘in’ right, it?) game developers that like to work on shiny things (Android, iOS, PC, even Mac) and make games that are actually, you know, fun? We even get to do it from the blazing hot middle of Gainesvile, FL.

Justin Krup

Production Wizard

“Production stuff, all from my iPad2. Asana this, Asana that. Come on, you know the drill!”

Adrian Hayes-Santos


“Cash money type of things. Bing Bing!”

Chris Martone

Chris Martone


“In my corner huddled over with headphones on developing what I see in my visions.”