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Steam Workshop for Colour Bind is Now Available!

Puppy Punch Productions and developer Finn Morgan’s new PC release, Colour Bind, is the latest addition to Steam Workshop. Colour Bind’s mind bending use of coloured gravity is now in the hands of their users to explore and create their own puzzles. “One of my goals with Colour Bind was to fully explore the space [...]

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Colour Bind Released for PC on Steam and Amazon

Imagine a world where Newton’s Laws of Gravity are connected to Picasso’s Laws of Colour. In Finn Morgan’s devilish spin on the traditional physics-platform genre, the colour of objects is tied to the push and pull of gravity. You must manipluate switches and break through obstacles in ways that will make you question whether what [...]


Colour Bind… coming to Steam on PC & Mac soon!

Hey all! We finally have more Colour Bind news for you. No date yet, but we’ve been approved by Steam and will be coming out soon for PC & Mac. A Linux version is also on it’s way, but might show up after the initial release. We’ll have more info on a beta/demo, a new [...]


A Game With Balls Makes Its Triumphant Return to Apple’s App Store… with New Content!

We’ve wrapped up all the paperwork, and so A Game with BALLS has finally returned to the Apple App Store, this time under the Puppy Punch Productions name! It returns in style with a bunch of new content: powerups, a new game mode, new cannons, a store, and even gameplay optimization! You can check our [...]

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